CloudBees DevOptics Brings New Value Stream View to UI

Written by: Kimberly Fields
3 min read
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The CloudBees DevOptics team is excited to announce a redesigned value stream view that makes it easier for you to get visibility into all the work that flows through a value stream.

The value stream view has been enhanced with the following features to simplify value stream management:

Number of commits and tickets at each gate

Each gate shows the number of tickets and commits at that gate. The number of commits includes the commits that are associated with a Jira ticket, as well as the commits that are not associated with a Jira ticket. For example, you can now see commits from Git or BitBucket.

Having a single view into all work related to value streams means you no longer have to spend time trying to track code commits that may not have been tagged in a ticket. By seeing all the work, you can uncover blockages without ticket IDs and ensure all work is flowing through the value stream.

Gate status icons

Each gate has an icon that indicates the status of the gate so you can get an at-a-glance view of the health of your gates and easily pinpoint gates that need attention.

Status icons include:

- The gate does not have any issues.

- A job is running at the gate.

- Issues are present at the gate.

- The gate is not configured.

Deployment gate labels

Gates that you identify as deployment gates are clearly marked as Deployment gate .

Last run time

At each gate where jobs have run, the gate includes the amount of time since the last run.

Webhook indicators

Each gate that has webhook notifications associated with it includes an indicator below the gate that shows the number of webhooks for that gate.

Enhanced search

When you start typing in the Search tickets field, gates that include the searched text are highlighted and all other gates are collapsed so you can quickly check applicable gates. Additionally, search results appear as you type.

For details about these new features, see the documentation about value streams .

If you’re not already using CloudBees DevOptics, I encourage you to register and get free-for-life access to CloudBees DevOptics CD platform monitoring . To get access to the value stream functionality and get a demo, clickhere .

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