CloudBees CI: Exciting New Features for Streamlined DevOps

Written by: Runxia Ye
3 min read

Hello DevOps enthusiasts! Today, we're thrilled to share some of the exciting new features we've added to CloudBees CI, designed to make your development processes faster, easier, and more efficient. This year, at the DevOps World Tour, we announced the biggest update for Jenkins in a decade. We've now got Jenkins controllers running in active-active high availability mode and supporting horizontal scaling. Let's dive into the details!

Transforming Troubleshooting with CloudBees Pipeline Explorer

Imagine this familiar scenario: You're a developer in the middle of your sprint. After incorporating review comments and pushing your latest changes, you take a well-deserved lunch break, expecting a completed build upon your return. Instead, you find a failed build and a hefty console output waiting for you.

However, with our newly released CloudBees Pipeline Explorer, troubleshooting pipelines is now faster and easier. No more downloading large log files or aimlessly scrolling through intertwined outputs from parallel stages. Instead, the Pipeline Explorer provides a comprehensive view of all pipeline stages, along with a list of identified issues based on the build log. It's a tool designed for the job to be done, delivering the answers you need quickly and all in one place.

Accelerate Builds with Workspace Caching

Next, let's talk about the CloudBees Workspace Caching feature. Ever felt like your build is trying to download the entire internet? We've all been there. Now, with Workspace Caching, all dependencies from the workspace can be cached into a bundle. The next time you run a build, it fetches this bundle, significantly reducing the time spent on downloading hundreds of small files from the internet. This feature can save significant time for all developers, especially when hundreds or even thousands of builds are run daily.

Eliminating Downtime with High Availability Mode

Let's move on to a significant game-changer: the high availability mode. In this mode, each Jenkins controller can have one or more replicas - exact copies of each other. So, if one replica goes down for maintenance, others can keep the service alive. This means no more disruption or downtime during system maintenance.

Moreover, each controller can have multiple replicas that can scale out horizontally as needed. This feature is a lifesaver during peak load moments, preventing builds from getting stuck in queues due to overloaded controllers.

Seamless Integration and Accessibility

And the best part? All these features are super easy to use. Simply enable the high availability mode and specify the minimum and maximum number of replicas you want. The rest is taken care of for you. Whether you're on EKS, AKS, GKE, OpenShift or your own self-managed Kubernetes cluster, our new features ensure a seamless experience.

Wrapping Up

We've heard your concerns about monolithic, overloaded controllers causing downtime during system maintenance and upgrades. With high availability, horizontal scalability, the new Pipeline Explorer, and Workspace Caching, we're confident that these improvements will streamline your DevOps processes. If you're a licensed CloudBees CI customer, all you need to do is grab the latest release and upgrade as you normally would. All these updates come at no additional license cost to you. Enjoy the new and improved CloudBees CI!

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