CloudBees CD/RO v2024.03.0 Release Brings IPv6 Support, DSL Git Synchronization CLI, and Enhanced Security

Written by: Drew Piland
3 min read

We're excited to announce the v2024.03.0 release of CloudBees CD/RO, which brings new features, enhancements, and security updates to make your continuous delivery and release orchestration processes even more efficient and robust.

Here are the highlights of this release:

IPv6 Support: With the growing adoption of IPv6, CloudBees CD/RO users can now configure their Kubernetes environments to use IPv6, ensuring their infrastructure is future-proof and compatible with modern network requirements.

DSL Git Synchronization CLI: The new DSL Git Synchronization CLI utility simplifies the management and promotion of DSL across multiple files and directories. This feature enables users to work more efficiently with DSL in a GitOps and IDE-friendly manner, making it easier to maintain and version control their CD/RO configurations.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 ARM Support: Users running CloudBees CD/RO on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 ARM can now take advantage of the platform's capabilities, expanding their deployment options and ensuring compatibility with their existing infrastructure.

Enhanced Web Server Configuration: New arguments for ecconfigure have been introduced to provide users with more control over their web server security settings, allowing them to enable or disable the HOST header filter, specify allowed host names, and display the list of allowed request HOST headers. This helps users to secure their CD/RO installations and prevent unauthorized access.

Procedure Step and Stage Editor Redesign: The redesigned procedure step and pipeline stage editor interfaces improve the user experience, making it easier for users to create and edit their CD/RO processes while maintaining the same functionality.

Security Updates: The numerous security updates included in this release help users protect their CD/RO installations from potential vulnerabilities, ensuring the safety and integrity of their continuous delivery and release orchestration processes.

These updates provide CloudBees CD/RO users with practical benefits, enabling them to streamline their processes, work more efficiently, and maintain a robust continuous delivery and release orchestration pipeline. The IPv6 support and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 ARM compatibility expand deployment options, while the DSL Git Synchronization CLI and redesigned editors simplify configuration management and improve user experience. Additionally, the enhanced web server configuration and security updates ensure the safety and integrity of CD/RO installations.

In addition to these highlights, the release includes several other feature enhancements, third-party tool updates, and plugin improvements. We recommend reviewing the upgrade notes before upgrading to v2024.03.0, as some changes may require additional steps, such as updating plugins that use SSL/TLS certificate validation.

Learn more about the CloudBees CD/RO v2024.03.0 release, please refer to the full release notes. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to contact CloudBees Support.

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