CloudBees and Rally Integrations - Practically Joined at the Hip

Written by: Electric Bee
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I recently explored the integration between ElectricCommander and the Rally Agile ALM platform. Rally provides teams an easy way to plan and track agile software development projects. The Rally plugin for ElectricCommander is very flexible. It allows you to create, modify or delete any object in Rally, so automated processes in ElectricCommander can be connected back and tracked within Rally. Using this plugin, I was able to show how our customers can integrate ElectricCommander and Rally throughout their full end-to-end DevOps workflow.
The process is visualized through a workflow in ElectricCommander. Each phase of the ElectricCommander workflow ties back to the associated objects that are being planned and tracked in Rally. The ElectricCommander build procedure creates a build object in Rally that links back to ElectricCommander. Next, the test procedure runs a suite of tests that are defined in Rally, and creates Rally testCaseResults linked to the build. The final stage, release, successfully releases the product and updates the state and date of the Release object in Rally.
I found the integration to be easy to use and very powerful. There is even more that can be explored in working with ElectricCommander and Rally. The flexibility of the integration makes it easy to expand on or customize to different use cases.
Watch the demo video to see the full integration:

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