Clojure ClickStart now available - impress your friends

Written by: Michael Neale
1 min read
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Thanks to the Austin Clojure user group - we now have a great clean Clojure ClickStart - if you are curious about Clojure - give it a try - it will setup a basic web project, a repo and build.

The interesting part to me is the use of Leiningen for building - "lein" is a tightly focussed clojure build tool - which works quite well (see project.clj for details)

This app runs in the default container for now (as clojure web apps seem happy with that).

"Hiccup" is also used - which is a DSL for expressing html document trees - similar to Haml in ruby land - I am still not decided if I like this vs plain olde markup - but it is nice to see in action.

So take it for a spin ! Pretend you know Clojure !

If you want to learn more - the most excellent 4clojure site (nice pun !) is a fun way to learn.

To run this: pick it from the menu when you launch clickstarts.

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