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Jenkins with Support for Continuous Delivery with Peace of Mind

May 3, 2017

Are you searching for the fastest and easiest way to get started with using Jenkins as your continuous delivery platform? Jenkins is the #1 continuous delivery platform in the market because it connects with nearly every tool used by DevOps teams....

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Now on DevOps Radio: CloudBees CEO Sacha Labourey Dives Into Blue Ocean

April 4, 2017

Sacha Labourey, CEO at CloudBees, joins DevOps Radio host Andre Pino, just in time for the general release of Blue Ocean, the dramatic new UX implementation of Jenkins. Though they do navigate their way to Blue Ocean, they actually start...

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Blue Ocean Makes Creating Pipelines Fun and Intuitive for Teams Doing Continuous Delivery

April 3, 2017

Here at CloudBees we know that continuous delivery is as much about people as it is about tools. We believe that the best tools should enable people to work smarter and not harder. This week, CloudBees and the Jenkins project are proud to announce...

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Now on DevOps Radio: Analyze This! Clive Longbottom of Quocirca on How DevOps is Transforming Software Development in Europe

March 28, 2017

In the latest installment of DevOps Radio, host Andre Pino and Clive Longbottom, founder of UK analyst firm Quocirca, find common ground in their chemistry and chemical engineering degrees, before diving into the chemistry of DevOps. Clive explains...

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Now on DevOps Radio: Poppin’ Fresh DevOps, Featuring General Mills DevOps Engineer, Sam Oyen

February 28, 2017

In the latest episode of DevOps Radio, Sam Oyen, DevOps engineer at General Mills, sits down with host Andre Pino to discuss how the company behind well-known icons such as the Pillsbury Doughboy and Betty Crocker is using DevOps. Sam talks about...

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Build a Global Continuous Delivery Practice - it is Easy as of Today!

February 23, 2017

Today Starts a New Era for Companies Who Want to Setup a Global Continuous Delivery Practice. In the last few years, CloudBees has witnessed first hand the evolution and adoption of DevOps and continuous delivery (CD) in organizations. ...

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How to Enable Enterprise DevOps with CD as a Service and Distributed Pipelines

February 21, 2017

This week, we launched CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise to enable enterprise-wide DevOps through CD as a Service. Why is this important to you? Simply put, the results are in. Organizations which implement continuous delivery (CD) in support of...

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Now On DevOps Radio: Choice Hotels and the “Inn-side” Scoop on DevOps Adoption

February 7, 2017

In this episode, Brian Mericle, distinguished engineer at Choice Hotels International, “checks in” with DevOps Radio host, CloudBees CMO and occasional Jenkins butler, Andre Pino to provide the inn-side scoop on what Choice Hotels -...

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New DevOps Radio Episode: Brian Dawson on the Future of DevOps

December 20, 2016

CloudBees’ Brian Dawson is an expert on all things DevOps. As a CloudBees resident DevOps guru and evangelist, Brian has been thinking about what’s going to happen with DevOps in 2017. What does Brian see when he continuously (CI/CD joke intended)...

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Usability and Stability Enhancements in CloudBees Jenkins Platform

November 29, 2016

We are excited to announce the availability of CloudBees Jenkins Platform This release delivers stability and usability by bumping the Jenkins core to 2.19.x and includes a key security fix. This is also the second “rolling release,"...

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Now Live: DevOps Radio Jumps into DevOps with JFrog Co-Founder and Chief Architect Fred Simon

November 15, 2016

Jenkins World 2016 was buzzing with the latest in DevOps, CI/CD, automation and more. DevOps Radio wanted to capture some of that energy, so we enlisted the help of Sacha Labourey, CEO at CloudBees, to host a series of episodes, live at the event....

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First Rolling Release Improves Pipeline in CloudBees Jenkins Platform 2.7.20

October 17, 2016

We are excited to announce the availability of release 2.7.20, which includes significant improvements to pipeline functionality, as well as important bug fixes. This is also the first “rolling” release, as we transition to a more frequent release...

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Standardize Jenkins with the CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise Distribution

September 14, 2016

Over the past couple of years, CloudBees has worked towards making Jenkins more accessible for both our CloudBees Jenkins Platform customers and Jenkins community users: first through best practices, then a knowledge center with...

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DevOps Express Puts Organizations on Track for DevOps Adoption

September 14, 2016

DevOps Express: Stronger Together Today, fourteen DevOps technology leaders will stand together to announce a joint initiative to bring DevOps knowledge, integrated tooling, support and best practices to the marketplace to streamline the adoption...

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DevOps Express Puts Organizations on Track for DevOps Adoption

September 14, 2016

Today, fourteen DevOps technology leaders stand together in announcing a joint initiative to bring DevOps knowledge, integrated tooling, support and best practices to the marketplace to streamline the adoption of DevOps through a solution-oriented...

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Let Your Voice Be Heard, Take the 2016 Jenkins Community Survey!

September 8, 2016

Just as in past years, this year CloudBees is again sponsoring a survey of the Jenkins community. The goal is for the community to get some objective insights into what Jenkins users would like to see in the Jenkins project. The survey will be...

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Now On DevOps Radio: Leading the Transformation, Live - with Gary Gruver!

August 24, 2016

Achieving a DevOps transformation is much easier said than done. You don't just flip a switch and "do" DevOps. It's also not about buying DevOps tools. Don’t you wish you could just sit down and talk with someone who’s done it all before? You can...

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Connect to the Jenkins Experts with CloudBees Network

June 10, 2016

Last year I wrote a blog outlining why CloudBees was releasing a best practices book for Jenkins. In it, I outlined the massive growth in Jenkins installations we had seen in the past year, as well as a huge growth in the number of plugins. Today...

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CloudBees & Mesosphere: Containers, Cloud and Jenkins Equal Scalable Continuous Delivery For Modern Apps

June 2, 2016

CloudBees and Mesosphere announced a new partnership this week that makes practical continuous delivery super tangible for enterprise-size organizations as well as high-growth companies tasked with building apps faster. The announcement certainly...

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Jenkins World 2016 Registration is Now Live!

April 19, 2016

We are very excited to announce that Jenkins World registration is now live! Join us September 13 - 15, 2016 in Santa Clara, CA to learn, explore and network face-to-face with other Jenkins users. Jenkins World will be the largest gathering of...

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Get Certified! CloudBees Announces Certifications in Jenkins and the CloudBees Jenkins Platform

March 14, 2016

Why Jenkins Certification Means Something In the IT world, namely in software, “certification” is used in many different ways and for many different purposes, from very simple and light certifications to very heavy and complex ones. In the “light...

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Announcing Jenkins World 2016 -- Save the Date!

March 11, 2016

CloudBees and the Jenkins Community are Happy to Announce Jenkins World 2016 -- the Worldwide Event for All Things Jenkins. The Jenkins community recently announced the dates for the Jenkins World 2016 conference. This event builds on the success...

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Run Jenkins as a Service with Private SaaS Edition

February 23, 2016

CloudBees is excited to announce its latest offering CloudBees Jenkins Platform - Private SaaS Edition, the first and only platform empowering organizations to scale their own Jenkins as a Service using leading private and virtual private cloud...

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Announcing the New CloudBees Partner Center

January 25, 2016

2015 was an amazing year for the continued growth and success of CloudBees. This is due in large part to the relationships established and fostered with our partners over the past year. To continue the momentum with our partners and to support our...

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CloudBees Achieves AWS DevOps Competency and is Named an AWS Container Partner

October 12, 2015

Last week, several Bees from our product, services, sales, marketing and leadership teams joined 19,000 of their closest AWS friends and colleagues in Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent. For such a large event, the energy and engagement was...

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