Catch this Webinar: From Monoliths to Microservices - and Beyond!

Written by: Electric Bee
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As enterprises continue their DevOps journeys and strive towards Continuous Delivery (CD), there is strong demand for solutions and tools that will improve software application development and delivery pipelines. In this quest for better software faster, Microservices have emerged as a solution to the limitations presented by monolithic legacy applications.
With Microservices, teams have the opportunity to break free from being tied to monolithic-style single release cycles for any and all improvements or updates. This enables the scaling of teams and applications to meet speed and efficiency demands for software delivery. However, there are a number of challenges that come along with Microservices.
Watch this webinar to hear Mark Hornbeek, principal consultant, DevOps at Trace3, and Anders Wallgren, CTO at CloudBees, share the most important considerations - culturally and architecturally - for shifting from monoliths to Microservices.
This video provides useful takeaways – whether you are in the midst of your Microservices journey, you are just getting started, or you are still considering whether Microservices are right for you.
Leave this Webinar with insight on:

  • Microservices background and benefits – explore the unique opportunities that Microservices bring to software application and delivery.

  • Monolithic Apps - the good, the bad and the ugly – find out when you should stick with a monolithic approach and learn how to identify the signs indicating you are ready to transition to Microservices.

  • Microservices challenges – dig into what makes Microservices difficult and how should you approach and solve these potential problems.

  • Microservices best practices – what are the best practices for CD pipelines for Microservices.

  • Microservices makeup – learn what makes up a high quality microservice.

  • Who is using Microservices – how popular is Microservices? Find out more about the scope, growth and future of Microservices.

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