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DevOps is a team sport. It is all about collaboration: bringing people and teams together, asking questions, being open to feedback, and achieving continuous improvement through shared learning and experimentation.
Community is at the core of any DevOps initiative. We are all here to get better at getting awesome code in the hands of our users more quickly - and we believe that connecting with peers and sharing experiences, lessons learned and tips is the best way to accelerate our mutual success.
This is why CloudBees has been hosting a bi-weekly, community-panel series called “Continuous Discussions ” (or #c9d9 for short).
Each c9d9 episode focuses on a different topic related to your software delivery practices, and features different panelists from the dev community who get together for a casual video chat on Hangout to share their views.
From Agile, DevOps and CD in their various manifestations (and: build automation, CI, CM, application release automation, version control, mobile development, legacy environments, and more,) – the discussions on c9d9 address not only the business benefits of optimizing your delivery pipeline, but also the challenges, and the technical best practices, for implementing DevOps and Continuous Delivery.
It is DevOps in the real world – as our panelists share not only what works, but what doesn’t, and where we’re all struggling, still. For me - this is where the rubber meets the road, which is why I have such a blast co-hosting the series, along with my colleague Sam Fell. These discussions bring together a variety of tech professionals and software practitioners who talk about the ins-and-outs of delivering better software, faster. Not as a slogan, but in practice.
I am continuously impressed by the depth of knowledge our panelists have, their genuine commitment to the DevOps journey, and their willingness to share their expertise with us.
More than anything, c9d9 shows us that:

  1. No one-road leads to DevOps. Some assembly is always required (and once assembled, a continuous tightening of the screws is also needed). Every business and pipeline is different, and you need to find the right set of solutions for your specific needs.

  2. We all fail. Some of the most valuable discussions have come from people sharing when things didn’t go as planned. At times, c9d9 becomes a sort of “DevOps group therapy” – but we all learn a lot by realizing that we are all in the same boat, trying to do better next time. We have to accept that failure is going to occur. If DevOps was easy, we wouldn’t need to have conversations like we have in these discussions. DevOps is a journey, not a destination. While we fail along the path, we’re all ultimately better off than when we started on this road.

  3. We all need help. Often when people join these discussions they are at an organization that is the middle of a transition. Whether that is the implementation of new application release tools, complete restructuring of old legacy systems, or simply beginning their Continuous Delivery and DevOps transformations. Sharing information on how organizations work to overcome similar roadblocks, panelists are able to provide each other and those in attendance with actionable ideas they can implement today to accelerate their progress.

  4. Success is possible. Together. The ingenuity and best practices being shared by these experts have helped all of us in our continuous improvement efforts. We get to laugh at ourselves and past experiences, grow from others’ experiences, and succeed by putting what we learn into action.

This is a community that’s passionate about what we do an eager to share what we know. We invite you to join us!
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