#BreakingBuilds Twitter Contest Results

Written by: Heidi Gilmore
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Breaking Builds Los Jenkins Hermanos

We called out to the Jenkins, CloudBees and continuous delivery (CD) communities for creativity -- and you answered!

At CloudBees, we enjoyed the clever posts that poured in during our Twitter contest to promote everyone’s favorite butler. Participants had to come up with humorous captions to accompany any of several Jenkins Breaking Builds images.

Inside the ’Bees nest, we had our share of fun with Breaking Builds – creating memes that tie together themes from Breaking Bad, the popular TV series, with themes from continuous delivery. The Jenkins butler was impersonating Walter White in his quest for quality "deliveries"; also present was Walter's sidekick Jesse, a little battered and duded up in clean-room gear, making sure their “builds” didn’t break; and Saul the lawyer telling the world “Better Call CloudBees.”

We figured you’d have some good ideas, too, and we were right. Dozens of cool Tweets poured in offering Breaking Bad-inspired twists on everything from coding to CD to workflow to Skyler’s ever-growing pile of plug-ins.

Everybody who participated will get a Breaking Builds t-shirt, a Jenkins pin and a Jenkins sticker, as pictured below:

Breaking Builds T Shirt Front Breaking Builds Pin Sticker

Before we announce the grand prize winners in each category, let's first look at a couple of worthy runner-ups.

First, we have to recognize the creator of Jenkins, @KohsukeKawa, for his post, which was a jab at Los Pollos Hermanos, Gus Fring's restaurant chain, that also served as a front for meth distribution: "With the Jenkins Butler, delicious deliveries are not a front for something else - they're real!"
Breaking Builds Los Jenkins Hermanos

Kudos to @faza who tapped into Walter White’s quality obsession with “No need to compromise,” highlighting that Walter can use the technology of his choice to produce the highest quality product possible, because undoubtedly the "plugin" he needs already exists:

Breaking Builds how big







@robert_sandell for playing off of sidekick Jesse’s classic line with “Yeah, bitch! Workflows!”:
Breaking Builds we need to code

@Sacha_Labourey also chose to focus on the extensive list of plugins for Jenkins when he posted "W/1000+ plugins & growing, Skyler is not going to see the end of it anytime soon..." as a response to Skyler's plea to Jenkins of "How much is enough?"
Breaking Builds how big

However, we ultimately picked out five Tweeters in four categories as our overall winners. If these Tweeters choose to, they can legitimately pick up the phone and let somebody know, in their best Heisenberg voice, that “I won.” These CD kingpins will each receive an Amazon gift card. It might not equal the huge pile of money that Skyler and Walt had to launder, but it will help to buy something cool – that isn’t illegal.

For Most Humorous,  blending themes and humor, we had a tie. ‏@bendzone appealed to any developer when he Tweeted, “You ever say ‘forget it… we need to push!’? @cloudbees can help you more than Mr. White."
Breaking Builds we need to code

@ikeike443 channeled his developer overlord persona with “I’m the One Who Builds.”
Breaking Builds one who knocks

Onto the numbers game: The award for Most Favorites went to ‏@collignont, who Tweeted, "Anywhere, at any time, We Need to Code! Or the business going to Die!"
Breaking Builds we need to code

Recognition for the Most ReTweets  went to ‏@FawzyManaa’s “No, I don’t always look angry, I just put on that face to get developers to fix the build quicker.”
Breaking Builds one who knocks

(If Jenkins gave us that look, we’d sure pick up the pace!)

Finally, for the Most Original Tweet - which successfully integrated the themes of continuous delivery, Breaking Bad and Jenkins, we salute ‏@weekstweets for the following: “Become addicted to constant, never ending improvement… while respecting the code.”
Breaking Builds Code Respected

Jenkins the butler approves. And we’re sure Walt would give it his blessing as well.

Thanks to everybody who chimed in and had some fun with #BreakingBuilds. Of course, we all know if you use Jenkins you’re NOT breaking builds!

May all your builds never be broken and your software deliveries continuously successful...








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