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JenkinsAt CloudBees, we are big fans of Jenkins. Is it obvious? Well, I’m not talking about the software here, but about the character: our favorite Butler. So we’ve decided to run a social media creativity contest to attest to his fame! But more about that in a moment…

I always loved the idea of using a butler to represent what Jenkins is about, as it projects all of the qualities that define continuous delivery: it is built to be proactive, it will help you fix problems before they happen, it orchestrates your entire pipeline to production without you having to worry about the sophisticated underlying sequence of steps and, if things go wrong Jenkins uses his fingerprint database to trace back the source of the issue. Full service. As your right arm, Jenkins is the reliable and trustworthy guy you want on your team!

The Real Bobblehead
The Butler serving up fun at JUC Berlin 2014

Furthermore, think about it, as companies get more and more distributed and IT teams highly international, using Jenkins is the easiest way to have somebody with an Oxford-English accent join your team. “Did my build pass?” “Indeed it did, My Lord.”

Which brings us to the images of Jenkins the Butler in our previous Breaking Builds social media campaign. Not sure if you spotted them, but if not, you can browse through them. The campaign is a continuous delivery-inspired spoof of the hall of fame TV series “Breaking Bad.” Jenkins plays the Walter White character – the polar opposite of a classy butler, in terms of style. I love this campaign, as morphing a 19th century British butler as Breaking Bad’s Walter White is probably one of the best examples of cognitive dissonance you can get. I’m pretty sure Jenkins with a Heisenberg hat and goatee, challenging people to “Say my name!” will increase your build success rate by at least 50%…

CloudBees’ engineering and marketing teams had lots of fun in internal contests to find the best “Breaking Bad” situations and develop spoofs of memorable lines with slogans like “The Code Must be Respected,” or “Los Jenkins Hermanos: Something Delicious is Always Deploying.”

So we’ve decided to tap YOUR creativity and expand the contest outside of CloudBees! It is pretty simple: come up with your own caption for any or all of the Breaking Builds images and push them out on Twitter. Share your best and you could win some great Jenkins prizes* (and maybe your quote will end-up on a future t-shirt!). We will choose winners in categories such as “Most Original Caption,” “Most Humorous Caption,” “Greatest Number of ReTweets” and more.

Learn more about the contest here. Bring it on!

Sacha Labourey
CloudBees and #1 Jenkins Butler fan

Sacha Labourey CEO CloudBeesBy the way, here is a picture of Jenkins, in person at JUC Berlin. (Sometimes he pretends to be Andre Pino, vice president of marketing at CloudBees!)

*Prizes are made up of the wildly popular Breaking Builds t-shirt, a Jenkins pin and a Jenkins sticker:

Breaking Builds T Shirt Front
Win your own Breaking Builds t-shirt
Breaking Builds T Shirt Back
With Jenkins, there are no half measures!
Breaking Builds Pin Sticker
A Jenkins pin and sticker could come with the t-shirt,
if you win for a given category!





Semantically, it should be "Los Hermanos Jenkins" because the adjectival noun typically follows the word it describes in Spanish. Como "Los Bros Hernandez"

Thanks for your comment. You are absolutely correct, the Spanish grammar is improper. But we took some creative license here, so that we could associate our Jenkins/Breaking Bad images as closely as possible with the real Breaking Bad. If you are a Breaking Bad fan, you may recall that Gus Fring owned and ran a restaurant chain called Los Pollos Hermanos. It was a front for the Mexican cartel's meth distribution network. Here is the logo image used by Gus's restaurant*. Our choice was to be grammatically correct but deviate from the iconic image used in Breaking Bad or to make it grammatically incorrect, but a more obvious parody of the Los Pollos Hermanos image. For better or worse, we chose the latter. I will end with this bit of humor: Maybe we are starting something here…a new but convoluted phrase in the Spanish language! :) *This is one long link - but here goes:

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