The Big Bang, and Why Are We Here

Written by: Electric Bee
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The introduction of Agile is heralded by some as sort of the “Big Bang” moment for many of today’s most successful software delivery practices including Continuous Integration , DevOps, Deployment Automation and Continuous Delivery.
For many companies, these practices represent the logical evolutionary process of driving the principles – and value – of Agile further downstream.
Embracing Agile often requires an Agile approach to adoption. It requires trial-and-error, collaboration, and openness to feedback. We deliver software ourselves, and appreciate how hard it is to align and optimize people, practices, tools, and technology all around this goal. In fact, it’s something we work on and think about, every day.
However, there are many organizations still struggling to adopt Agile. Some of the obstacles they face are a lack of management buy-in, others relate to lack of collaboration between groups, or to other downstream bottlenecks.
We know that Agile and other downstream practices can take on very different meanings depending on who is adopting it. For instance, a team creating Mobile apps will likely see things differently than those creating embedded or web-application software. It is also likely that they will have a lot in common, as well.
But, how should they get started? Where should they start their journey?
If you’re already on that journey you likely have war-stories to share, failures to learn from and successes to celebrate. Connecting with peers and sharing experiences is the best way to learn, and can help those with less experience to avoid the pitfalls and roadblocks out there.
This is why we’re hosting Continuous Discussions – a monthly online panel to give the community the opportunity to interact with peers, share our examples and learn from one another.
We want to hear from you, and learn what it takes for YOU to deliver better software faster. How does the post-big-bang evolution look in your team? What challenges do you run into? What tips and best practices can you share?
The first Continuous Discussions online panel premiers October 8th, at 10am PST , and will feature a dozen panelists , including open source contributors, developers, senior engineers, software architects and IT principals.
Each episode will provide a platform to discuss different concepts in your software delivery pipeline, and delve into what is working and what is not.
I invite you to attend the event, and also contact me if you wish to be featured as a panelist in future discussions.
Click here to add the event to your calendar, and to join the event.

We are all here to get better at delivering software faster- let’s get better together!

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