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Written by: Dan Juengst
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Have you taken the 2015 Jenkins Community Survey yet?

If you are a Jenkins user, this is YOUR opportunity to have your voice heard. In this survey , you can share how you use Jenkins, your suggestions for how the community can improve Jenkins and a number of other Jenkins-related things. Your answers will really help the Jenkins community focus their efforts on the most important aspects of Jenkins.

Based on the input from Jenkins users who already took the survey to date, 92% say that Jenkins is mission-critical to their development process. The most frequently checked category for number of developers in survey-taker's organizations was 11-49. However, the second most frequent answer was 1,000+, showing that many large organizations are using Jenkins . AND, over the past year, 88% of respondent’s use of Jenkins increased dramatically .

Though Jenkins started in the CI area and 90% of survey respondents are using it for CI, 45% of respondents are also using it for CD - reflecting the growing trend towards continuous delivery practices and Jenkins as the driver to take software all the way from development through to production. Another trend: reflecting the exploding popularity of container technology, 95% of those using Linux containers are using Docker, followed by DockerHub and Kubernetes.

The most highly voted priority was for more functionality in the area of IDE integration, security/audit and a better UI. (Hope you all went to the recent webinar given by Gus Reiber to give input on the UI work that is under way. Alternatively, you can watch the recording .)

Anyway - hopefully these early results will spur you to respond. The survey is only open until September 30 , so take it today and spread the word!

(P.S. 99% of the survey takers provided their name and address and will be entered into the drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card…this might be the one time that the 1% get nothing!)

Dan Juengst
Sr. Director, Product Marketing

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