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Written by: Electric Bee
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Last weekend I was driving back into San Francisco from a day trip to Sausalito. Usually on weekend evenings there is slow traffic into the city with folks returning from day trips up to Napa, Marin Headlands and points north. There are also tolls heading into the city that jam up traffic unless you are in the couple of lanes for Fastrak. To my surprise, when we reached the toll booths, there were no toll takers. There were signs to keep driving and that an invoice would be mailed based on the license plate. This is part of the new electronic toll program. Since there was none of the stop-and-go, traffic was flowing well without any congestion. Sure enough, a few days later, I received a bill in the mail with a picture of my car and license plate. I paid it online and that was it. What was previously manual and very inefficient had been streamlined and accelerated through automation.
This is what we do at CloudBees. We help companies of all sizes, across many industries, automate and accelerate their software delivery processes. Work that is often performed manually and coordinated inefficiently through emails, documents and scripts can be automated using our products. We remove bottlenecks and keep the software flowing smoothly from check-in to release.

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