The automation of design

Written by: Electric Bee
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“Anything that can be automated, will be automated,” explains our own Kai Brunner in his recent TechCrunch article . Furthermore, Kai poses the idea that certain roles in software engineering are “marching toward their obsolescence,” but why? Based on his experiences designing an enterprise software solution for Application Release Automation , Kai and the CloudBees team are designing for automation and must consider what portion of information architecture, workflows and interaction design could be automated to produce an outcome comparable to what has been achieved thus far.

This concept of automation in a UX design cycle seeks to mimic what software development and IT teams are already doing toward delivering releases more efficiently through the creation of automation in software delivery pipelines. Repetitive labor and intensive tasks that are prone to human error are broken down into repeatable processes across a series of stages, from development, through testing, to production and into the hands of the users, confirming that what can be automated does truly get automated.



Read the full piece on TechCrunch to glean more about The automation of design.

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