At Intel, it’s not GREEN until it’s EC-GREEN!

Written by: Electric Bee
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Have you ever used a cellphone? A wired or wireless network? If you have, it’s likely you’ve had data pass over Intel’s AVAGO communication chips.

Recently, Manish Aggarwal, a Senior QA Lead at Intel (and panel speaker at DOES2015 ) joined me to discuss the journey he and his team have gone through to automate their testing pipelines. Complicating matters for Manish is the fact that the number of chips he must support, and the number of unique deliveries having to be made to just one of his large customers drives an incredible matrix of platforms to test with each check-in. By implementing CloudBees Flow, Manish mentioned enjoying some incredible benefits:

  • QA lead cycle time reduced from DAYS to MINUTES

  • Tests per day increased from 100’s to 10’s of 1,000’s

  • Releases per year increased from 4 to 100+

  • Quality Assurance from UKNOWN to 85 KNOWN!

One of my favorite parts of the webinar was when he talked about “knowing when it’s o.k. to release.” By automating and orchestrating all of their tests with CloudBees Flow, Manish can ensure compliance with their internal process to enforce quality controls. CloudBees Flow provides a dashboard that displays critical KPIs and data from each pipeline run – and if it is ready to be released it sets the status to what they call “EC-GREEN.” Love it! Watch the webinar to discover:

  • How Intel builds quality into their products and their delivery pipeline

  • How they are able to build and test any version of their software on any combination of hardware on-demand.

  • How test automation eliminates manual handoffs and increases coverage

  • How detecting errors quickly helps Intel optimize for quality.

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