Artifactory Plugin for Jenkins and Jenkins Project Status

Written by: Sacha Labourey
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Recently Kohsuke from CloudBees talked about the state of the Jenkins project at the Continuous Integration summit (which was hosted by LinkedIn in Mountain View, CA) along with Yoav from JFrog/Artifactory and Hans from Gradle.

JFrog gurus demoed the Artifactory integration for Jenkins. One of JFrog's advantages is that you can hold off publicly versioning and releasing an artifact until you know for sure that all other dependent builds can successfully use it. This situation happens quite a bit in more sophisticated development environments: you have to release artifacts that - while building properly - could be problematic for other consuming sub-systems. Handling those scenarios is typically pretty painful without a repository manager such as JFrog.

Amongst other things demoed were the “smart search capability” - to find the right modules - as well as the "license analysis" mechanism - which provides a centralized view of all artifacts, their dependencies and their corresponding license. JFrog allows you to associate additional metadata with artifacts, and that metadata can then be used for searching later. For example you could tag artifacts with quality measures (passed-alpha, passed-beta, general-availability). Even better, you can even create virtual repositories by cross-cutting metadata, e.g. exposing a repository which only contains artifacts that have passed-beta. This is really neat!

Kohsuke has blogged more about the integration here. You can find further information about the plugin here .

Finally, Kohsuke is presenting a “State of Jenkins” webinar on April 27th, 10am PST. Register here .



Sacha Labourey, CEO

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