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Written by: Michael Neale
2 min read
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So recently I have heard, over and over, that AngularJS is the new hotness (from Google, natch). I ignored it for some time, but eventually caved in to take a look when enough people talked about it.

AngularJS is yet another framework for javascript (client side) - only it tackles HTML - enhancing it for web apps vs web sites. The chances are most web developers have used some similar tech in the past, in some form (think of binding objects/things to page elements so they update automatically).

Anyway, it is gathering momentum, and seems to include all the moving parts you need to get going - including testing. The "testacular" framework is used to provide unit testing for AngularJS apps - which can use a headless browser to drive your app, check assertions and so on.

The Angular project helpfully provides a "seed" project to start from - so you can quickly get up and running.

I have forked this, and turned it into a clickstart - to make this build with DEV@cloud jenkins, I tweaked the config to make sure the test suite finishes, and then configured Jenkins to enable GUI testing, as per - and it worked ! tests ran.

But you don't have to do this, just click the button below and it will be set up for you.

It will set up a repo with the Angular seed, and a correctly working build (and a sample app) deployed on your behalf to get you going quickly:

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