Anders Wallgren discusses IoT expansion, and Agile being the way forward for

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Our CTO, Anders Wallgren, has been pretty busy lately . In a recent article for TechBeacon, he discusses the proliferation of IoT and its affect on embedded software development.

If you are unfamiliar with TechBeacon , it is a digital hub for business and IT professionals seeking guidance to real business challenges. The focus of the site is on information that really matters for competing effectively in the business world and to connect its readership to the leading experts who understand what it takes to succeed.
To that end, Anders has offered up an idea that touches on one of the most complex challenges facing a software-driven enterprise today – when they need to develop devices for the Internet of Things (IoT).
From smart homes and smarter appliances to automobiles and wearable technology, the IoT has gone from a tech buzzword to a tangible and quickly advancing everyday reality. What we used to call "embedded" software—software integrated with physical devices—is now expanding to a myriad of connected products. The depth and richness of the connections that are now possible has changed the market, and the development process, in sweeping and powerful ways. Thanks to agile methodologies, you can handle the demands of the connected device.
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