Agendas Posted for Upcoming Jenkins User Conferences

Written by: Hannah Inman
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Agendas have been posted for the Jenkins User Conferences (JUC) in US East and Europe:

For JUC - US East, my favorite would be the workflow in Jenkins talk with Jesse Glick which will cover the new workflow job type he and I have been working on. There are also some sessions where the speaker describes how he or she has put together pieces (including Jenkins) to create a broad automation, such as Distributed Scrum Development with Jenkins, Vagrant, Fabric and Selenium and Moving Existing Enterprise Systems to Continuous Integration and Deployment with Jenkins .

For JUC Europe, we have a great line up. We have many key community contributors and developers like Christopher Orr who will talk about how he does mobile build/test/deploy , or Vincent who will talk about the Literate plugin .

All of them are looking forward to meeting you and hearing your thoughts and feedback. This will be a great learning and networking opportunity.

Register here for JUC US East (Boston) , and register here for JUC Europe (Berlin) . Seats are starting to fill up now, so get your ticket today!


Kohsuke Kawaguchi is Founder, Jenkins CI, and Chief Technology Officer, CloudBees. You can follow him on Twitter @KohsukeKawa

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