Accelerating Time To Market for Android Devices

Written by: Electric Bee
2 min read

One billion – it’s a big number. It’s the number of dollars it cost Facebook to purchase Instagram and a little more than 3x the population of the United States. It’s also the number of Android devices expected to be activated within a year.
What makes it a staggering figure is the fact that Android made its debut only four years ago. And with the proliferation of Android in phones, tablets, hand-held devices, as well as a new crop of household and medical devices, there is truly an exploding marketplace for Android device manufacturers.
Google just announced Android 4.2, the latest version of its Android operating system. This is exciting news, but it brings up an issue I’ve found to be common among our customers who manufacture Android devices: their device delivery is gated by how quickly they can build, test, and release software for each new version of Android. With these feature improvements coming right on the heels of initial Jelly Bean release, it’s clear that time-to-market has never been more important. In almost all cases, it's the difference between winning and losing market share.
Unfortunately, the rush to release devices can lead to poor quality as manufacturers often make trade-offs when confronted with the often slow, manual and error-prone build, test, and release process of Android software. To say things are complex and fragmented is an understatement at best.
To solve this problem, CloudBees and Wind River recently announced an integrated solution for fast and comprehensive build, test, and release process management of Android based devices. It simplifies and automates the entire Android product development lifecycle, from design through testing to compliance validation. Given today's announcement, our timing couldn't be better. If you want to know more about our solution, visit

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