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A new way to do Continuous Delivery with Maven and Jenkins Pipeline

Like any build tool, Maven offers multiple ways to do things. One thing that differentiates Maven from other build tools is that Maven is opinionated. What this means is that Maven will make the preferred path the easy path. 

Now the question you need to ask yourself is: Does this mean that the preferred path is the best path?

I'll put you...

Focus on the Automotive Industry - Software is eating the world

This week, CloudBees organized an Automotive Industry event in Böblingen, near Stuttgart, at MotorWorld, paradise for car lovers of all types and generations. The event gathered some of the leading car and OEM vendors and some great sessions on how the CloudBees Jenkins Platform is being used in this industry got presented.


Get Started with Jenkins 2.0 with Docker

This is a guest blog from Shashikant Jagtap, long time Jenkins user and leader of the London-based Jenkins Area Meetup (JAM).

Being a big fan of Jenkins, I recently came across the Jenkins 2.0 beta. The Jenkins project released beta version for users to play around with the new features of Jenkins 2.0. The new version of Jenkins, a.k.a...

Continuous Delivery with Jenkins -- Part 2

This is Part 2 of a new series of blog posts about Continuous Delivery with Jenkins and the new Pipeline feature. Follow along in the coming weeks to learn more!

Jenkins: The Obvious Choice for Continuous Delivery

Most organizations already have a continuous integration (CI) practice in-house before they start walking up the ramp toward continuous...

Jenkins 2.0 Makes It Easy for Organisations to Deliver Their Applications

Jenkins 2.0 is generally available now. It is the first major release of Jenkins in 10 years after about 700 weekly releases. It is indeed a major milestone in the Jenkins project. The primary focus of the release is Pipelines - a means to helping organisations deliver better software faster.

Why should I care?

A fair enough question so I will...

Jenkins World 2016 registration is now live!

We are very excited to announce that Jenkins World registration is now live! Join us September 13 - 15, 2016 in Santa Clara, CA to learn, explore and network face-to-face with other Jenkins users. Jenkins World will be the...

Jenkins Pipeline - Software delivery made easy

Recently released Jenkins 2.0, has focused on solving the problem for organisations wanting to continuously deliver software. This blog gives a quick overview of key benefits of Jenkins Pipelines.

Why Continuous Delivery (CD)?

There is a ton of documentation on the internet that outlines the benefit of CD so I am going to skip regurgitating....