Build Stuff that Matters

Build Stuff that Matters

In today's reality, software is now more important than ever. Embrace your business challenges and innovate efficiently. CloudBees supports you with Software Delivery Automation (SDA) and Software Delivery Management (SDM)

Continuous Integration

Your DevOps journey starts with continuous quality, stability and compliance to reduce risk. Learn More

Continuous Delivery

Automate to optimize software delivery, increase efficiencies and reduce costs. Learn More

Feature Flag Management

Drive innovation quickly while safely deploying new functionality. Learn More

The Software Agents - "Keeping Runners Running" with Bob Bickel, Founder of RunSignup

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Reduce Risk by Ensuring Compliance

Ensure secure and compliant processes and environments with continuous integration.

“We are able to put the concerns of security and compliance into the hands of the teams that need to be responsible for those things...We’re able to isolate certain individuals or teams to perform deployments, others can manage configuration, others can manage credentials and secrets.”

- Daniel Ritchie, Distinguished Engineer, Broadridge

Optimize Your Software Delivery

Increase efficiencies and reduce costs with continuous delivery.

“One of my key objectives is to make a simplified platform for our make it as easy as possible for our developers to build new products for our customers. Autonomy is really important to our developers because we just want them to do what they’re good at.”

- Cheryl Razzell, former Global Head of Digital Platform Operations, HSBC

Drive Innovation Quickly

Achieve speed and time-to-value to fuel innovation with feature management.

“In a few hours, I was able to set it up and start setting up A/B testing in our staging environment from specs provided by our product team. Can't ask for much more than that!"

- Nick K., Lead React Native Mobile Developer, Stadium Goods

Accelerate Build and Test Cycles

Shorten development and feedback cycles with automatic parallelization and caching

“Build times of many of our IVI projects were reduced by 75% resulting in an overall development velocity increase of 200%. Furthermore, the wait time for engineers submitting build requests went from one hour to 10 minutes.”

John P., Engineering Group Manager, Panasonic Automotive Solutions

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