Migration vs Synchronization

Many cloud integration platforms only support synchronization tasks, running on their infrastructure in the cloud. WEAVE@cloud supports synchronization tasks too, but also supports migration tasks, and allows you to run them On-CloudBees, On-FoxWeave and On-Premise.

  1. Synchronization: This type of integration continuously synchronizes data that has been created/updated/deleted after the integration is first started and then runs indefinitely. It does not sync existing/historical data.
  2. Migration: This type of integration synchronizes all existing/historical data from the source application. CloudBees is able to support migration tasks because of its ability to run integration tasks in multiple environments - On-CloudBees, On-FoxWeave and On-Premise. In CloudBees, a migration application stops after synching all existing/historical data.

Note that because of the potential scaling/performance issues associated with migration applications (potentially huge amounts of data), they must be run On-Premise or On-CloudBees.

Watch the video and see how easy it is to get started with WEAVE@cloud! In this example, we show how to build a WEAVE@cloud integration on the CloudBees Platform to sync data from a Wufoo form to Salesforce.com, and also to a RESTful web service.