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CloudBees Platform Architecture


The CloudBees Platform as a Service (PaaS) architecture provides a powerful foundation for cloud development and deployment services.

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A complete environment to create and test applications in the cloud:

Create Integrate Test



Everything you need to create new applications with no software installation, using the tools you already know

  • ClickStarts - Get an end-to-end application up and going instantly, complete with source, build, test and a choice of frameworks and languages
  • Eclipse - The CloudBees Eclipse plugin brings the power of CloudBees right to your favorite IDE
  • Repositories - Use our hosted Git or SVN source repositories on our Forge, or connect to others in a snap
  • SDK - Our powerful SDK gives you complete command-line access to CloudBees functionality
  • API - Want to write code to interact with CloudBees? Our HTTP-based API is there for you



Hosted Jenkins CI supports your agile development, improves quality and team collaboration

  • Jenkins - The world's most popular CI server, hosted and ready to go, supported by the Jenkins experts
  • Notify - Keep your code working at all times, find out immediately when something breaks
  • Enterprise - Take advantage of the growing set of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise value-add plugins
  • Scale - We spin up and down Jenkins executors whenever you need them, and you pay only for what you use



Support even the most complex test scenarios using a Jenkins test pipeline and a huge plugin library

  • Pipeline - Layer your tests, driving complex test workflows across teams, serially or in parallel
  • Customize - Access your own private, customized Jenkins and use the extensive set of plugins that gives you every CI capability you can imagine
  • Privacy - Toggle deployed applications from private to public, making test-to-production simple
  • Access - Share your development work in realtime to get feedback from co-workers and others
  • Agile - Continuously deliver from dev and test teams, push to production only when you're ready



Everything instantly available to run your application at cloud scale

Choose Deploy Store



With AnyCloud and flexible runtimes, deploy to the runtime, region, and infrastructure cloud target of your choice

  • ClickStacks - Choose from CloudBees-provided standard runtimes like JBoss and Tomcat, or create and deploy your own, customized for your needs
  • Flexible Runtimes - Choose Grails, Play, Scala -- all the popular JVM-based frameworks and languages play well on CloudBees
  • AnyCloud - Protect your investments through a choice of infrastructure cloud provider options
  • Performance - Run your applications close to your existing database and services, with low latency and improved performance
  • Value and Simplicity - CloudBees manages everything for you, with a consistent experience regardless of your choice of deployment target



Efficiently push even large applications to the cloud, from your IDE or from Jenkins

  • Deltas - CloudBees saves you time by pushingonly the incremental changes to applications during deployment
  • Jenkins - You're a Jenkins configuration checkbox away from continuous deployment reality. Seriously
  • WARs - If your build creates a WAR file, you can deploy it to CloudBees from the CLI, Eclipse, or our web console



CloudBees-managed MySQL simplifies your life, integrated partner offerings enrich your experience

  • SQL - Fully managed MySQL is a click away, fully backed up and highly available, curated by CloudBees
  • NoSQL - Check out the Mongo, Couch, and other NoSQL offerings from our partners
  • PostgreSQL - It's simple to get up and going on PostgreSQL and hook it to your app on CloudBees
  • Latency - AnyCloud deployment options let your apps run close to your existing database investments



Adjust with ease to the most demanding changes, loads, and requirements

Scale Monitor Enhance



Scale down, up, and out - automatically or under your control - making best use of resources and controlling cost

  • Instances - Scale out to meet the most demanding load and growth curve
  • Triggers - Use various CloudBees-exposed measurements to trigger scale out and back
  • Size - App-cells give you fine-grain control over the memory used by your app, improving utilization



Use CloudBees' built-in monitoring, or augment capabilities with best of breed, integrated partners

  • Responsiveness - Track application response times to ensure your users always have a great experience
  • Depth - Get to the bottom of any performance problem quickly with easy access to logs and instrumentation
  • Trust - We report the status of all CloudBees systems at all times and are committed to transparency in the event of issues



Deploy new versions with zero downtime, roll back to archived versions as needed and Take advantage of CloudBees' extensive partner ecosystem to bring even more power to your development and runtime experience

  • Versions - CloudBees archives every application version you deploy, making them available at all times
  • Continuity - We make sure new versions are fully up and running before archiving old ones
  • State - Our independent session caching and clustering capability ensures no session state is lost during updates
  • Integrated - We work with partners to make sure their services work well with CloudBees and integrated partner offerings are one-click away
  • Free - Most of our partners give you a free tier of service, so you can try it before buying

Building on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

  • The CloudBees PaaS provides middleware on top of IaaS
  • All infrastructure resources are provided for you, transparently
  • Exposing infrastructure directly to you -- and you having to maintain it -- is… #fail

Hosting Platform Services Reliably and Efficiently

  • Deployment and provisioning must be rock solid and flexible
  • Cloud services are always on. Application updates and runtime updates are deployed seamlessly, without data or transaction loss
  • Hosting cloud services requires supporting shared core services for reliability, metering, identity and other integration
  • Since you only pay for what you use, PaaS needs to maximize resource efficiency and utilization

Good Architecture Enables Extensibility and Flexibility

  • Java runtime-agnostic, deep integration
  • Test and stage changes, roll them out, roll them back with confidence

Hybrid by Design