Be a CloudBees Technology Partner

Join the CloudBees Ecosystem

We believe any great platform company needs a vibrant ecosystem. Our Ecosystem Technology Partner Program gives your service excellent exposure to developers and our customers.

You can choose a simple listing of your offering, or a more integrated experience that allows developers to activate your service with a click.

Build, Run, Manage

We care about helping developers with all phases of app development. Our Ecosystem partners span:

  • Coding
  • Building & testing
  • Deployment
  • Monitoring & maintaining


  • Hosted Graphite
  • Kiuwan
  • Eranea Cobol2Cloud
  • WebRatio
  • CloudForge
  • Cloudant Data Layer as a Service
  • DynECT Email Delivery
  • Redline 13
  • Bernoulli
  • Qworum
  • Librato Metrics
  • Cloud Foundry
  • RunMyProcess
  • Searchly ElasticSearch
  • SendGrid
  • Postgres Plus Cloud Database
  • Sauce Labs
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • XWiki Cloud
  • AppThwack
  • MemCachier
  • Vessel
  • JFrog
  • FoxWeave
  • Okta
  • Blitz
  • Websolr
  • Plumbr
  • InterCloud
  • Totango
  • Level5
  • DripStat
  • Treasure Data
  • Logentries
  • CloudAMQP
  • Site24x7
  • ElephantSQL
  • BlazeMeter
  • Keynote
  • Serena Release Manager
  • Assembla
  • OneLogin
  • SOASTA Platform
  • Perfecto Mobile
  • Papertrail
  • Mailjet
  • SonarSource Community Edition
  • CloudMine
  • MongoHQ
  • MidVision RapidDeploy
  • HockeyApp
  • New Relic
  • Centrify
  • Google App Engine
  • Heirloom's Elastic COBOL
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • XebiaLabs Deployit
  • Codenvy

Partner with CloudBees!

  • Expanded reach - your service is promoted to CloudBees platform users
  • Joint marketing opportunities
  • Single-sign on, billing and unified support for integrated services; a low-barrier way for users to use your service


Thanks for your interest in becoming a CloudBees Technology Partner. Many of our customers use one or more of the value-added partner offerings available today through our platform. And we look forward to adding even more depth and breadth to the program for you and for our joint customers' benefit.

Our Technology Partnership Program currently comprises two types of partners - Integrated Services partners and Verified Solutions partners.

Integrated Services Partners

Some of our partners have worked with us to tie their service to our platform; users can simply click to add these integrated services to their CloudBees account. Integrated Service partnership provide advantages like single-sign on (SSO), unified billing through CloudBees, and a single source of support.

You'll benefit from:

  • A listing under the Integrated Services heading in our Ecosystem Technology Partner directory
  • Customer adoption, where we share revenue across customers that utilize your paid services through our platform
  • Support mechanism for assigning tickets between us, to quickly resolve customer inquiries
  • Customer billing and partner payment by CloudBees
  • Joint marketing activities

As an Integrated Services partner, you are responsible for providing an excellent service, with enterprise-class stability, joint support, and documentation. We'll provide technical documentation on how to do the integration, as well as guidelines for the process. You can check out our standard business terms for Integrated Services partners here.

Note: Becoming an Integrated Services partner is currently by invitation only, but it will soon become more self-service and partner-driven. If you'd like to become an Integrated Services partner, we recommend you first become a Verified Solutions partner as outlined below, and then drop us a note.

Verified Solutions Partners

Many of our users look to us as a platform provider to expose them to third-party partner services. Our partners are looking for that increased visibility, and the CloudBees Ecosystem is a great way to expand your reach to new users. We verify that your service running on the CloudBees platform is a working solution, so users know they will have a smooth experience.

You'll benefit from:

As a partner, you are responsible for providing an excellent service, with enterprise-class stability, and the documentation to support some joint use of our services. Take a look at our standard business terms for Verified Solutions partners here.

Thank you for partnering with us! Again, thanks for your interest in our partner program. Please do refer other great technology and services partners to us.

How to Become a Verified Solutions Partner

Becoming a Verified Solutions partner is very easy and mostly self-service. Once we receive your application and supporting information, such as documentation and details for your listing in our Ecosystem Technology Partner directory, you will be up and running very quickly. Just follow this simple process:


  1. Get a free account on CloudBees
    • CloudBees prides itself in providing an integrated and easy solution to its user base. As you consider becoming a partner, it will be useful for you to check out the CloudBees experience. Also, we ask you to test your service on CloudBees before we validate your service on CloudBees.
  2. Read the legal terms and conditions (Verified Solution Partner Service terms are here). We will ask you to sign this agreement to become a partner, so it's a good idea to become familiar with it.
  3. Apply for the program.
  4. After we get your information via our web form, we will send you an email requesting more information about your company and your service. Please follow up with an email that includes the following:
  • CloudBees account ID
  • Contact details for people in your company who handle Business, Technical, Marketing, and Support
  • Information about your solution and any relevant documentation so that we can validate your solution
  • A simple business case: 1-2 paragraphs that answer the question, “Why is this solution interesting to a CloudBees customer?” Go here to see an example.
  • Details for your listing on our website, including your logos


  1. Our team will then review your application. If accepted, our Business Development team will send you a "Welcome Aboard" email with further instructions. (If it's not accepted, we'll follow up with you as well.)
  2. Sign and return the legal terms and conditions, as outlined in the Welcome email.
  3. Document your service on CloudBees. We ask you to create and send us a Configuration and Usage Guide for your service that describes how your solution is actually used with CloudBees. We've provided a template here (same doc as for the Business Case), and you can also see an example here.
  4. Our engineering team will verify that the steps outlined in the Configuration and Usage Guide work with CloudBees. If required, our teams can iterate to get the steps working. 
  5. Our marketing team will also engage with you at this point.
    *We will ask you to write a blog entry to be posted on our blog and yours at launch time.
  6. Once the solution is verified and we have all of the necessary content, we will agree on a launch date. On that date, CloudBees will publish your listing in our Ecosystem Technology Partner directory as well as announce your service on our blog, Twitter feed, and Facebook page. We will also feature your service in our next company newsletter. In addition to posting the blog, we also ask that you link to us from your website, feature us in your newsletter if you have one, and promote the service through your social media channels.

Thank you so much for your interest in the CloudBees Ecosystem Partner Program! If you would like to join the program, please email us.