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The cloud is the next disruptive enterprise technology and it is transforming the way businesses approach IT.

The CloudBees Services Partner Program gives Systems Integrators, professional services providers and VARs the tools you need to be outrageously successful using the cloud to deliver even more value to your clients.

Program Benefits

  • Credits for CloudBees services
  • Market visibility: listing in CloudBees Services Partner Directory, joint marketing, referred, business, and more
  • Privileged access to product plans and training
  • Option to resell Jenkins Enterprise
  • MidVision
  • Tier 2 Consulting Limited
  • Pinetree Technology, LLC
  • eIntero
  • sourcefactory GmbH
  • Eliassen Group
  • codecentric
  • Xplore Group
  • Objectbay Software & Consulting GmbH
  • Praqma A/S
  • Addteq
  • Open Source Architect
  • Vivat, Inc.
  • TNG Technology Consulting GmbH
  • Black Diamond Software
  • Relevance Lab, Inc.
  • JoeDayz
  • Forest Technologies
  • Byte-Code
  • People10
  • Soat
  • VX Company
  • Underscore Consulting
  • Zenika
  • Xebia
  • MomentumSI
  • GerritForge
  • SHIFT, Inc.
  • Amazicsoft
  • DLT Solutions
  • Diabol AB
  • Open Software Integrators
  • Cachet Software Solutions Ltd
  • Plance, Web Development and Concepts
  • OCTO Technology
  • Aestas IT


If you are a Systems Integrator, independent developer, consultant, VAR, or anyone else who writes applications for a living, chances are you’d rather spend your time designing awesome projects and writing great code, not setting up and maintaining hardware and software infrastructure. 

The sweeping shift to cloud-based hosting and development services presents enormous opportunities to work more efficiently… particularly as companies begin to use Platform as a Service (PaaS) for their web and mobile applications. PaaS takes the grunt-work out of application development and deployment, so you can more easily deliver services across the entire build, run and manage application lifecycle. With the CloudBees PaaS, you can provide even more value to your clients and deliver a higher ROI for your company.

The CloudBees Services Partner Program gives you the resources you need to deliver web and mobile applications more efficiently and create competitive advantage with PaaS. Join us! Not only will you deliver applications more quickly, you will reduce risk and ensure ongoing success for both you and your customers.


Partner Program Details

The CloudBees Services Partner Program provides tools, support, expertise, and direction for a new emerging breed of Systems Integrator - the Cloud Integrator. 


Business Support    
Regional Partner Meetups X X
Quarterly Partner Update Webinar X X
Access to Product Roadmap X X
Dedicated CloudBees Partner Manager X  
Quarterly Joint Business Review X  
Pre-sales Support X  
Sales Leads X  
Marketing Support    
Use of CloudBees Logo X X
Visibility and Promotion Badge on partner page + contact link to website Badge on partner page + contact link to website
Joint PR Activity X X
Support for Customer Success Stories X X
Co-branded Collateral X  
Joint Marketing Activities X  
Complimentary DEV@cloud and RUN@cloud Resources1 Up to $2500 credit Up to $1000 credit
Yearly Partner Program Fee $2500 $1000
Java Engineers with CloudBees Experience2 2 1
Trained and Dedicated Sales Resource 1 --
Named Relationship Manager 1 or more 1 or more
Demand Generation Campaigns per Year 1 --
Customer Success Stories per Year 3 1
ADDITIONAL OPTION: Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees Service Provider and Reseller GOLD SILVER
Resell Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees Subscriptions Optional Not Available
Quarterly Joint Business Review X  
Sales Leads X  
Yearly Revenue Commitment for Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees Sales X  
Jenkins Enterprise License for Internal and Demo use X  
Receive Priority Level 3 Jenkins Support X  
Java Engineers with CloudBees Experience2 2  
Trained and Dedicated Sales Resources 1  
Handle First and Second Line Jenkins Support X  

1You can open as many accounts as needed either for internal use (training, demos, PoCs) or customer projects. At the end of each year, we'll refund you according to your actual usage, up to $1,000 or $2,500.

2Defined as completing Training Webinars and implementing CloudBees projects.


How to Become a CloudBees Services Partner

It's pretty simple. Apply online here with just your contact information and we'll get in touch. We'll also ask you to send us the following details:

Contact Information

  • Company Name
  • Main Address
  • Number of Employees
  • Primary Contact Name, Title, Phone, Email (person who owns the CloudBees relationship)
  • Business Contact Name, Title, Phone, Email (if different than Primary)
  • Marketing Contact Name, Title, Phone, Email
  • Technical Contact Name, Title, Phone, Email
  • Support Contact Name, Title, Phone, Email

For Your Website Listing

  • URL we should link to
  • Partnership Level (Gold or Silver)
  • Jenkins Reseller Option? (Yes or No)
  • Sales Contact Name, Phone, Email - this information will go on our website for interested parties to contact directly
  • How would you categorize your service specialty (Java development, mobile applications, etc.)?
  • One line description of your company (100 character limit)
  • Full description of your company and its specialties (1-2 paragraphs)
  • What countries/regions does your company serve?
  • Link where we can download your logo on a transparent background in PNG format.
    (You may also just email your logo when you send us your information).

Additional Information

  • CloudBees Account ID

Don't miss this opportunity to help your customers harvest the huge benefits of the cloud platform! We look forward to working with you.

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