Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in 190 countries. With data center locations in the United States, Europe, Singapore and Japan, customers in all regions can avail themselves of Amazon's massive global cloud infrastructure.

CloudBees offers AWS datacenter infrastructure in North America and Europe for production deployment, with options for either a dedicated or multi-tenant deployment. When you deploy on Amazon using CloudBees, it's simple to make use of the rich set of services provided by Amazon and the Amazon Marketplace. With CloudBees and Amazon, you have an additional catalog of Amazon and Ecosystem services at your fingertips. While your IT department is embarking on its multi-year plan for managing its own private cloud, you can deploy applications today that use:

  • S3 and SQS - Cloud-based applications that need simple persistent storage and queueing can take advantage of Amazon's Simple Storage Service and Simple Queue Service directly.
  • CloudFront - Deliver faster response times to your users by taking advantage of edge-based static caching using Amazon's CloudFront, as well as Amazon's optimized network routing back to your CloudBees-managed origin servers running on Amazon.
  • RDS - Amazon's RDS puts you in direct control of your hosted database while offloading much of the mundane administration. Choose from a variety of database and license models. Package the appropriate drivers with your app like you normally would, and enjoy the combination of CloudBees and Amazon.
  • DynamoDB - Amazon's Dynamo DB has upped the game on simplicity and scale in the world of managed NoSQL database services.

Want to take advantage of Amazon persistence, queuing and other services directly within your application, but use an abstraction layer to provide infrastructure cloud portability? Check out jclouds. The jclouds open source project uses CloudBees DEV@cloud service for continuous integration.

For more information about deploying cloud applications in an AWS datacenter, contact us.