New Relic

App Performance Management, delivered as a service

New Relic is a SaaS application performance management (APM) tool that combines Real User Monitoring (RUM) with deep, component-level visibility into web applications. New Relic gives developers real-time visibility onto user experiences and application performance. With a single tool, application teams can:

  • Measure front-end performance including browser response, page load times, and Apdex
  • Monitor app performance at the component level and spot potential bottlenecks
  • Determine if performance issues are in the front end, the app, or the network

New Relic is the only tool developers need to monitor real user experiences, proactively identify application bottlenecks, and ensure superior online service delivery. Get New Relic today!


  • Great for small projects
  • 24x7 App Monitoring - snapshot of app health and availability
  • 24x7 Real User Monitoring - snapshot of user satisfaction and front-end performance
  • Performance Troubleshooting - web transaction summary data
  • Database Performance - worst performing DB calls
  • Data retention: 7 Days
  • New Relic keeps one week of customer data


  • 24x7 Transaction Analysis and Breakdown - component-level views of individual transactions
  • Real User Analysis and Breakdown - in-depth, page-by-page analysis
  • Database Analysis and Breakdown - deep visibility into SQL statements and EXPLAIN plans
  • Error Detection and Analysis - drill down into server errors
  • Reporting and Optimization - Capacity, Scalability, Long-Term Perf, and SLA reports
  • Proactive Alerting - immediate notification of potential issues
  • Data Retention: Unlimited - New Relic keeps customer data in perpetuity
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