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Modularize and integrate your web applications with interactive services

Qworum provides advanced browser capabilities for modularizing web applications and for integrating web applications with each other. This interactive service technology enables:

  • The exchange of rich structured data (XML and XML-wrapped JSON) between interactive services and their callers
  • Advanced service orchestrations and workflows, executed client-side without adding to server workloads
  • Simplified development — return URLs are handled client-side, without burdening called services
  • Robust representation of call state, using a purpose-built client-side storage mechanism

Use Qworum in your web application and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Modularize: Avoid code duplication by implementing interactive services which you can call from anywhere within your site, thus keeping your development costs and effort down.
  • Integrate: Increase your connectivity and traffic by offering interactive services to third party websites.

More Information

For support, please email support@qworum.com.