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The easiest, most advanced memcache

MemCachier manages and scales clusters of memcache servers so you can focus on your app. Tell us how much memory you need and get started for free instantly. Add capacity later as you need it.

MemCachier offers the easiest, most advanced, managed memcache solution:

  • Never change your code when you increase or decrease your capacity.
  • No servers, no daemons, no log files, no configuration — we do all that for you.
  • Our high availability cluster gives you better failure scenarios because your cache is spread across many servers.
  • Our analytics dashboard give you insights into your cache usage.

What is Memcache?

Memcache is an in-memory distributed key-value store, offering millisecond-level response times. Memcache is most commonly used to cache expensive database queries, view renders, and 3rd party API calls to speed up page load times and increase scalability.

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