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Log management and system intelligence for your apps

Logentries is an easy-to-use log management solution, with built in intelligence for your apps.

Benefits include:

  • Your applications no longer fail silently: Get notified (email or web hook) when serious errors occur in your application, e.g. app crashes, memory quota issues, or request time outs.
  • Simple troubleshooting: debug problems in seconds. Errors and exceptions are automatically highlighted in your logs.
  • No storage limit: Store your logs for as long as you want.
  • System intelligence: highlight and categorise events of interest, e.g. business events (logins, registrations, payments), operational events (errors, warnings, exceptions) or any events that matter to you.
  • Suitable for Dev, Testers and Analysts: Logentries is used by developers, testers, admins and management. It’s dead easy to use, yet powerful enough to troubleshoot complex problems.
  • Standard Log Management features: Tail, Search, Alerts, Visualisations, Notifications, and more…


What our customers are saying:

“…Logentries just told me we were experiencing memory errors on one of our servers, we fixed it right away and before we had a serious outage, awesome!”

— Ed Byrne, CEO & Founder, CloudVertical.com

“Just searched for a specific web request to @intercom from a couple of days ago. Using @logentries it took < 30 seconds!”

— Ciaran Lee, CTO, Intercom

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  • Email Support
  • Live support available at Logentries website.
  • You can also communicate directly with Logentries support team when logged in.