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Storage, visualization, analysis and alerting for all your monitoring data, delivered as a service

Metrics is a cloud-based service that helps you monitor all aspects of your operation, be it your cloud or datacenter infrastructure, your applications, your business metrics, and even your sensor network. You can use commercial, open source or custom-built tools for data collection and let Metrics provide a unified, hosted environment for:

  • Redundant storage of all of your monitoring data.
  • Visualization of monitoring data in beautiful graphs and dashboards.
  • Analysis, e.g. for correlating data streams from different sources, root cause analysis, trend analysis and capacity planning.
  • Alerting you to situations that need attention and triggering automated actions you may have configured to handle such situations.


Metrics was developed from the ground up as a platform with an “API’s first” approach, so you can easily embed it in your SaaS or PaaS product to let your customers monitor their use of your services and even their own metrics.


More Information

  • Documentation
  • All Metrics users have access to the Librato knowledge base, email support and web support (live chat). Details can be found on the Librato support site.