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New Relic

App Performance Management, delivered as a service

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New Relic is a SaaS application performance management (APM) tool that combines Real User Monitoring (RUM) with deep, component-level visibility into web applications. New Relic gives developers real-time visibility onto user experiences and application performance. With a single tool, application teams can:

  • Measure front-end performance including browser response, page load times, and Apdex
  • Monitor app performance at the component level and spot potential bottlenecks
  • Determine if performance issues are in the front end, the app, or the network

New Relic is the only tool developers need to monitor real user experiences, proactively identify application bottlenecks, and ensure superior online service delivery. Get New Relic today!



  • App Monitoring: See your application performance trends at a glance, from page load times, to error rates, slow transactions, and a list of servers running the app.
  • Browser Monitoring: An overview of your application’s performance from your real user’s perspective, from browser page load times, to throughput, browser transactions, JavaScript errors, and Ajax timing.
  • Performance Troubleshooting: Web transaction summary data to visualize where your app is spending and identify which transactions are giving your users trouble.
  • Database Performance: Track the exact SQL statements that are slowing down your app. Get samples of the worst performing SQL and the context to understand exactly where the SQL is used in your code, and how to fix it.
  • Data Retention: 14 Days

Upgrade to Paid Plan

  • You can now upgrade to a paid New Relic Pro plan from within the New Relic console. Or contact