Synchronize data across cloud and on-premise services and databases

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FoxWeave is a CloudBees data integration service that helps developers and enterprises synchronize and migrate data across systems. It’s similar to software that helps people synchronize personal data across mobile devices (contacts, for example), except it does it at an enterprise level, across cloud and on-premise systems. You can combine FoxWeave integration capabilities with your CloudBees-hosted application to mash up the capabilities of hosted services with your application logic.

FoxWeave benefits include:

  1. Consistent data across all data repositories - SaaS, DBaaS, on-premise DBs (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL etc).
  2. Seamless access to other CloudBees and integrated partner services on CloudBees.
  3. Elimination of time consuming and error prone manual synchronization processes.
  4. Integration processes are always designed, managed and monitored on the CloudBees FoxWeave service but can be run as an application in your CloudBees account or inside your corporate firewall (on-premise). This approach allows you to:
    • Perform integrations between your cloud and on-premise systems.
    • Secure your integrations by keeping your business data on infrastructure under your control.

CloudBees is offering FoxWeave for free during its Beta period. Please contact for more detailed information or a briefing on how FoxWeave and CloudBees enable powerful appcentric integration.


Free (Legacy)

This is the legacy Free Foxweave plan. This plan is no longer being offered by CloudBees. If you would like to upgrade, you will need to choose a CloudBees platform offering.