2012 Jenkins User Conference Paris: Abstracts

This conference focuses on Jenkins Continuous Integration (CI) as the fundamental best practice for enterprise software development. Our presenters are experienced Jenkins open source developers, executives, business managers, architects and authors who are luminaries within the Jenkins community. They represent the many organizations around the world who are leveraging the use of Jenkins within the application development lifecycle.

The Jenkins in the Cloud workshops guide you through the many benefits of cloud infrastructures and Platform as a Service (PaaS). The sessions will also cover topics such as how to set up and integrate cloud options into your existing development strategy -- all while protecting and leveraging legacy IT investments.

Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center
17 Boulevard Saint Jacques
75014 Paris

April 17, 2012

Track 1 - Workshop
Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald Room
 Track 2 - Sessions
Miles Davis Room

10:30 - 11:40am
Gregory Boissinot, Zenika
How To Develop a Jenkins Plugin

(Session in French)

The number of plugins increases exponentially. This vast ecosystem of plugins enables Jenkins to cover a large number of needs. However, you are likely to create your own plugin to meet your specific needs or integrate your specific tools. I invite you to discover the Jenkins API to create your own plugin. This session will help you understand the prerequisites for the development of a Jenkins plugin.

Gregory Boissinot – How to Develop a Jenkins Plugin

10:30 - 11:15am
Nicolas De Loof, CloudBees

Mathieu Ancelin, Serli
Better Build Pipeline: Introducing Build-Flow Plugin

Configuring a build-pipeline on Jenkins to implement continuous delivery requires a complex set of jobs and plugins to chain them together. Quickly the jobs are polluted by the pipeline configuration, and you don't get a centralized view of your workflow. Build-flow has been created to address this issue and let you define the pipeline using a DSL as a dedicated entity, isolated from your jobs.

Nicolas De Loof & Mathieu Ancelin – Better Build Pipeline

11:45 - 12:05pm
Frederic Simon, JFrog 
Build Trust with Your Build to Development Flow with JenkinsCI!

This demo will show automation techniques integrating Maven and Gradle, with Jenkins. We will show a full release management flow, using configurable rules and Artifactory Binary Repository all the way to your YUM repository. Whether you are building software for the cloud or in-house, this demo will show you how to have completely automated production builds that release applications which are fully traceable, managed and ready to be provisioned with no fear!

Fred Simon – Build Trust with Your Build to Dev Flow

11:25am - 12:05pm
Henri Gomez, Axway
Native Package Build Factory Powered by Jenkins

How to setup Jenkins to create your Native Package build factory, up to continuous deployment.

Henri Gomez - Native Package Build Factory Powered by Jenkins

--- LUNCH & LEARN ---

12:10 - 12:20pm
Olivier Lamy, Talend
Utilization de Jenkins Chez Apache

(Session in French)

How Jenkins is used, administered, and difficulties of maintaining a body with many jobs/nodes.

Olivier Lamy – Utilization de Jenkins Chez Apache

12:20 - 12:30pm
Dominik Bartholdi
Share your Scripts

Originally Scriptler was a plugin dedicated to remove the need for copy n' paste Groovy scripts. With the newest version it has evolved and an administrator is now able to give a user access to some more infra tasks by sharing selected scripts.  Like with the update center for plugins, we are now able to share Groovy scripts via GitHub and pull them right into Scriptler.

Dominik Bartholdi – Share Your Scripts

12:30 - 12:40pm
Vincent Hardion, Synchrotron Soleil
My Pitfall with Groovy System Script
(Session in French)

Groovy System Script is my favorite Jenkins functionality. My main script is +5K lines of code, it's my pitfall. I will introduce how and when to use Groovy for the System Script, the Web API and plugin.

Vincent Hardion – My Pitfall with Groovy System Script

12:40 - 12:50pm
Harpreet Singh, CloudBees
Jenkins Enterprise Template Plugin

Jenkins Enterprise Templates help you build reusable jobs and builders. Templates capture "sameness" of jobs with a huge advantage that a change to configuration is immediately reflected in all jobs. The net effect is simplification of administration of Jenkins. This talk gives a quick round up of the various types of templates and a couple of examples illustrating their usage.

Harpreet Singh – Jenkins Enterprise Template Plugin

--- LUNCH & LEARN ---

(Tracks 1 and 2 combined for Lunch & Learn)


1:00 - 2:00pm
Arnaud Héritier, eXo platform
Mathieu Hausherr, OCTO

Hands-On iOS Developments with Jenkins

In this session you'll learn to setup your own mobile development environment on iOS. You'll be able to use your own app or a Hello World application and you'll prepare your continuous integration and deployment environment to deploy it directly on your phone.

Arnaud Heritier & Mathieu Hausherr – Hands-on iOS Development

1:00 - 1:45pm
Benoit Moussaud, Xebia Labs
Advanced Continuous Deployment with Jenkins

(Session in French)

In this talk, we will demonstrate how you can set up your delivery pipeline with Jenkins even in complex enterprise environments, including:

  1. out-of-the-box deployment support for much more than just Java EE archives, including server and resource configuration, database upgrades and rollbacks, messaging, ESB
  2. an open, extensible framework that allows you to easily add support for additional services and platforms
  3. “from the trenches” experience of organising build, packaging, deployment and testing jobs for complex applications delivered by multiple development teams
  4. how integration with environment provisioning tools such as Puppet allows you to set up entire “ready-for-deployment” development and testing environments

Benoit Moussaud - Advanced Continuous Deployment

2:10 - 2:40pm
Bruno Guedes, Sfeir
Jenkins at Sfeir

Bruno Guedes – Jenkins at Sfeir

1:55 - 2:40pm
Xavier Seignard, Pod Programming

Mickael Istria, JBoss by Red Hat
Tycho, Jenkins & Sonar: the Eclipse Build Dream Team

In the Eclipse world there is a before and an after Tycho. The Maven, Jenkins and Sonar combination, well known from Java developers, is now available for Eclipse (RCP/OSGI) products. Automate your build, continuously deploy, control your code quality and fight your technical debt with the help of these tools. Come to this talk to see what are the remaining steps to put your project on the rails of continuous improvement; making it welcoming and safe.

Xavier Seignard & Mickael Istria - Tycho, Jenkins & Sonar

3:15 - 4:55pm
Harpreet Singh, Nicolas De Loof & Stephen Connolly, CloudBees
Getting Started with Jenkins

This workshop covers topics like Jenkins installation, configuration and corresponding best practices. It will walk you through freestyle build jobs and plugin installation, ending with advanced usages like continuous deployment. The workshop is a good mix of slides and hands-on lab exercises to getting started quickly with Jenkins.

This workshop is an abridged version of CloudBees Jenkins Training and will be run on CloudBees DEV@cloud (which is Jenkins in the cloud). Attendees will have to bring their own laptop and can expect to get a good feel for Jenkins both on-cloud and on-premise.

Connolly / De Loof / Singh – Getting Started with Jenkins

3:15 - 4:00pm
Lars Kruse, Praqma A/S
ClearCase UCM Plugin for Jenkins

The story about the ClearCase UCM plugin, how it implements the Jenkins community's third-most wanted feature: Pre-tested commits using a branchy approach resulting in a project integration branch that literally never breaks and how Continuous Delivery is supported by the plugin's ability to pull from branch to branch. An example for other SCM plugins to follow.

Lars Kruse – ClearCase UCM Plugin for Jenkins

4:10 - 4:55pm
Julien Carsique, Nuxeo
Jenkins at Nuxeo

How Nuxeo relies on Jenkins for its continuous integration, providing quality assurance and release tools. Feedback on the Jenkins development model. See http://qa.nuxeo.org/jenkins/ 
See Continuous Integration at Nuxeo for an overview of the CI constraints we have to manage.

Julien Carsique - Jenkins at Nuxeo

5:00 - 6:35pm
Sebastian Bergmann, thePHP.cc
Integrating PHP Projects With Jenkins 

Attendees of this tutorial will learn how to implement continuous integration to automate processes for building and deploying regular releases of their PHP-based software. They will also learn how to use Jenkins to monitor and improve their applications through continuous inspection and static code analysis.

Sebastian Bergmann – Integrating PHP Projects with Jenkins

5:00 - 5:45pm
Jerome Lacoste, We Want To Know
Unity 3D: Plugins, Build Pipeline and iOS

Provisioning Profile Automations

Jenkins is at the core of our Unity 3D cross-platform build pipeline (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android). This presentation will show you many aspects of the maintenance and evolution of a Jenkins server running on Mac OS X, including detailing the implementation of our Unity 3D plugin, describing our build pipeline setup (where we reuse various plugins: xcode, testflight...) and how we automate the maintenance of the iOS provisioning profiles using shell & Ruby scripts.

Jerome Lacoste - Unity 3D: Plugins, Build Pipeline & iOS

5:50 - 6:35pm
Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Harpreet Singh, Gregory Boissinot, Arnaud Héritier,
Olivier Lamy, Frederic Simon, Nicolas De Loof
Panel Discussion