A CloudBees New Years Challenge!

Experience the Joy of Platform as a Service (PaaS) as We Ring in 2012!

Here's the Challenge
Publish a sample "Hello Java in the Cloud" application on the CloudBees PaaS by January 16th, and we'll enter you to win an iPad 2. We'll even give you the example code to get you started - all you have to do is roll it live, which is really, really easy.

For every application created and Tweeted under the #CloudBeesJava hashtag, we'll donate $5 to the International Committee of the Red Cross!

Bonus X2
For everyone who re-Tweets your application link with the hashtag #CloudBeesJava, we'll donate an additional $1!

Bonus X3
Any application that is published and Tweeted is eligible, but if you make your application fun, interesting and/or festive, we'll triple enter your name to win the iPad.

How It Works

  1. Publish a sample application on the CloudBees Platform - it only takes minutes! Get started now!
  2. Use the handy button and Tweet your application's URL using the hashtag, #CloudBeesJava. Feel free to also post on your Facebook page, blog, etc.
  3. We'll monitor the hashtag and enter each application to win the iPad. Each re-Tweet will garner $1 more to charity (up to $1,000 for re-Tweets, no donation limit on applications tried out). And if you modify the sample application to make something cool, we'll enter you three times. No worries if you write an application but don't have Twitter - just email us the URL and we'll get your name in the pot (lisa AT cloudbees.com).
  4. Win! You could win an iPad 2. The International Committee of the Red Cross wins more resources to help the world. And everyone wins the satisfaction of successfully launching a Java application in the cloud!

The Details

  1. The contest will run until January 16th. If you submit an application and Tweet its URL with the hashtag #CloudBeesJava, we will enter you to win an iPad 2! Each CloudBees account can enter only one application.
  2. Your CloudBees account requires a valid email address. You need it for account management, plus without it, we have no way to contact you, if you win!
  3. Some accounts have more than one email address/people associated with it. We'll assume the primary owner entered the contest unless you tell us explicitly (just send email to lisa AT cloudbees.com to let us know that YOU submitted the application).
  4. Eligibility stuff:
    * The iPad 2 can only be won by someone who lives in a country to which the US is authorized to ship technology. If you live in a country under U.S. embargo, we're sorry, but there's not much we can do about this.
    * You must be 18 years old or older (20 or older in Japan).
  5. The winner is responsible for any federal, state and local taxes, import taxes and fees that may apply. Blah blah blah. We have to say this.
  6. This contest is administered by CloudBees, Inc., 400 Trade Center, Suite 4950, Woburn, MA 01801, +1.323.THE.HIVE. If you'd like to send us feedback or have questions, drop us a note. And no, we do not accept bribes to rig the contest. :)
  7. Regardless of whether you win an iPad, you win the satisfaction of launching a successful Java application in the cloud and of helping out the International Committee of the Red Cross!

Read the instructions and get started! Have fun!

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